Al Waseelah IMMCTM, Shariah Compliant, Liquidity Management Products

by Al Waseelah PLC


Investing in import export sukuk

A product of insight, innovation and Integrity

Shariah compliant, short-term certificates with positive net profit of Benchmark starting at +0.75%

Highly diversified and uncorrelated to global markets with a higher return than traditional Islamic cash alternatives

Proprietary technology providing investors detailed portfolio analytics, increasing transparency and security

About Us

Insured Money Market Certificates

Al Waseelah IMMC™ provides investors with Shariah compliant multicurrency Islamic liquidity management products starting from 30 days rolling; circumventing the decision between credit and duration risk investors traditionally must take.

Why is Al Waseelah IMMCTM attractive to investors?

fixed date investing

Fixed Date, Fixed Rate, Stable Returns

Investors do not have to decide between credit and duration risk.

Short duration profile makes Al Waseelah IMMCTM less vulnerable to volatility.

An attractive solution for investors seeking enhanced net cash returns in a low (negative) yield environment in a risk-controlled manner.

The Issuer, Al Waseelah is a direct participant in the “buy-and-sell” transaction. 

Receive enhanced credit protection

With the clear objective of risk mitigation, Al Waseelah IMMCTM has built-in enhanced credit protections. Insurance offers real protection in case of a negative event. Additional to the Insurance cover each transaction has a built-in over-collateralization in the form of several reserves. The Issuer is the loss payee on behalf of investors.

enhanced credit protection
self liquiditating assets

Enjoy self-liquidating assets

Shariah compliant agreements with eligible counterparties for the purchase of commodities or other goods (including non-perishable consumer goods). These agreements will be primarily sale and purchase agreements at various points along the supply chain. There is no commodity speculation.

Options provided for

inflation-linked step up and rollover

The assets are self-liquidating with an automatic rollover option, for which there is a strong demand in the market. Investors are offered the option to invest in short-term revolving assets with a positive net return. The actual breakdown of the Goods will change day to day and week to week with details available on our proprietary Dashboard.

inflation linked step over and rollover
dedicated portal called bondstream

Keep track of your investments through our dedicated portal

To enhance transparency and security for both investors and insurers, the data of the certificates are kept and monitored in a dashboard built with proprietary technology. The dashboard is up to date in accordance with the principles of the “Look Through Approach” set out in various regulations which include Solvency II, capital adequacy rules, and BIS capital retention rules.

Oversight by

world-renowned Shariah advisers

World-renowned shariah advisers, Khalij Islamic Business Consultancy provide oversight on both transactions and ethics of the programme. 

shariah advisors giving advice
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Full Sukuk documentation can be found on Deal Roadshow

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